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A well-furnished house is a house where every piece of furniture gets the best possible place in your home. With care you choose wall colors and floor types that suit the house and your taste. Your home deserves the atmosphere with the best possible care. Good light improves the atmosphere enormously. Good interior lighting is fine living.

It is not always easy to get good interior lighting for each other. You like dark colors in your home and you do not know how to make your home light and spacious. Or you prefer light colors in your home and you want more warmth. You may be missing light at home. You may see the dark days. We offer your solution for your situation!

Good interior lighting starts with a well thought-out lighting advice plan! And that is exactly what we are good at; making beautiful lighting plans that are feasible and affordable. We are the independent lighting consultancy with personal lighting advice for every home, existing and new construction. A lighting plan that is aimed at both your personal wishes and your budget.

Why do you choose a lighting plan? Beautiful interior design lighting starts with a plan and the beauty of a lighting plan is that it can provide the right atmosphere for every occasion. We are the independent lighting consultancy with personal lighting advice for every home.We design efficient lighting plans; sustainable, energy-conscious and focused on the future. We design lighting plans that take into account your lighting budget without compromise.
That is why there will be good light in every home we work for.

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