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    Alfie Davies

    Saxo Capital Markets aims at making it easier for investors to get full access to products and tools offered by other big financial institutionsin order for them to keep up with changing trends in the economy.Operating from Singapore, Saxo Capital Markets help investors cover risksand diversify globalcapital markets despite the traders’ location.
    Opening an online trading account with Saxo Capital Markets guarantees financial freedom in trading.Here are different kinds of accounts that can be used to trade online:

    1. Essential
    This account helps reduce risks associated with investing by providing products such as FX and CFD and a wide range of stocks and Bonds. It offers 20 FX Currency pairs and 10 index tracking CFDs. Trading online with the Essential account ensures that traders enjoy a 50% discount on the commission. It helps traders operate digitally using simple tools and features.

    Forex ETX offered at Essential account of Saxo Capital Markets makes trading easy and more reliable. It offers the latest kind of technology accessible through smartphones, computers and tablets. The speed at which orders are executed today in currency trading is very essential for the overall performance of trading today.

    This account provides exposure to forex brokers for instance an Australian trader licensed under the Australian Securities & Investments Commission who are more experienced in forex trading. Australian traders are known to provide traders with the best bonus and leverage.

    As currency value fluctuates, use of Forex ETX widens the scope of trading. Currency pairs such as USDJPY, AUDUSD and USDCAD provides traders with all kinds of upcoming opportunities.By reducingmiddlemen, Forex Etx makes the market wider by eliminating firms and banks. It therefore makes traders have a wider access to forex markets.

    2. Classic
    This account favors online traders by providing a wide range of products in different asset classes. Some of these products include 182 FX currency pairs including GBPUSD and EURGBP, 40OTC FX options, 3100 ETFS, 19, 000 Stocks and 7, 0000 bonds.

    These Forex currency pairs provide liquidity by working with the best providers. A lot of FX options can be explored more while negotiating for the best prices through FX Options board.Trading Forex with ETX provides exclusive trading experiences while at the same time securing funds from false investors.
    Trading with Saxo under classic account provides attractive prices that are not only competitive but also transparent while discounts increase with cumulative trading capacities. Affordable pricing from 0.1 pips and nice commissions attracts online traders.

    Integrated trade signals can be enjoyed through Trading Forex with ETX. A 24 hour for 5 days online phone support increases flexibility for traders making it much more convenient.

    This account offers different products such as 63 CFDs on stock indices, 3100 ETFs, 182 FX currency pairs and 40 FX options. Trading with this account ensures extensive use of different tools on analysis while acquiring adequate information on research about the global market.

    Trading Forex with ETX under platinum account provides the ability to improve in prices. Much losses are not experienced as the currencies fluctuate with time since the interest of this online trading matches the needs of its customers. This account provides maximum control while trading Forex with Etx since the ordershere are fully customized.

    In addition to this, short trades are enjoyed by Forex Traders with Etx. Selling high and buying low is now possible.This is how Australian traders manage to acquire huge profits from both the high and low movements of the market.

    63 Contracts for difference on stock indices in this account helps traders gain market leverage by maximizing on trading flexibility. 20:1 leverage ensures that wide opportunities are fully utilized. These are offered on assets such as stocks indices and commodities to help clients benefit from liquidity of the market in single stocks such as Apple and Google. Even when the market is falling, online traders benefit from single stock CFDs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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