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Never trade after Winning a Big one

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    Alfie Davies

    People are always losing and winning money in Forex. Though the number of people that have lost in Forex is grater, it does not stop the people from investing their money in Forex. You will find that many people invest their money and after their winning, they are losing their money. It can be taken as normal trade, but you lose your trade after winning one, you need to know what is going on in Forex. This article will explain why traders lose their money after they have just won it. We know it sounds hard but it is what happens to the people. They analyze the market, place one good trade and they win some money. They are happy and when they place the second trade, they lost all of their money. You need to change this and you can change it easily if you read this article. The reason is very simple and many people do not know that. Read this article to find out the secret reason why traders lose after winning and why it is never a good choice to trade after winning.

    As a retail trader, you need to learn the advanced art of trade management. Many new traders in the United Kingdom have mastered the art of trading within a very short period of time. If you ask them about the key ingredient to become a successful trader, every single one of them gives you lecture about trading discipline. The outcome of each trade is totally random and you can never predict the price movement with 100% accuracy. For this very reason if you win a big trade, take the day off. After winning a big trade, the traders often become overconfident. Confident is necessary but overconfidence will kill you in the investment world.

    Importance of trading routine
    All the successful trader in the UK follow a strict trading routine. They know very well without managing the risk they can never stay profitable in the exchange traded funds industry. Being a new trader, developing a balanced trading routine will be extremely challenging. But if you seek help from the professional traders, you will get a clear idea how they trade the market. Based on your personality and trading skills you should also develop a balanced trading system which in lines with your trading routine.

    Their brains are excited
    When you win a trade in Forex, we know you are very happy and your brain also knew it. It releases some hormones that make you feel happy and you feel like you have conquered the world. This hormone is called dopamine and it is a risky hormone for the traders. When your brain releases this dopamine hormone, you cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. You look at the chart and you see signals and trends that do not exist. We know it is not possible to see something that is not present but it is what traders see when they are excited. The hormone dopamine tricks your mind to see false signals and you place your trade on that signal. It is like you just have seen the trends were going up and it is only after placing your trade you started to see the trends were never going up, it was going down. After winning your trade, take a break and enjoy your success. It is never late to place another trade in Forex.

    You try to repeat your past trades
    Another reason you should not trade after winning because you try to repeat your past trades on the market. Every trade is different and you need to analyze the market every time you place a trade. Trying to repeat your past trades or trying to make money without analyzing the market will not give you profit. When you win a trade, do not think you have fulfilled your goals in your career.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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