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Mastering the art of losing in trading is a great skill

WELCOME Forums Accounts and Finance Mastering the art of losing in trading is a great skill

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    Sandip Sarkar

    Traders do not know that losing money is not only inevitable but also can be an art in Forex. There are no investors who can say they have not lost in the career. As the sun rises daily in the east, it is also a fate in the career to lose capital. However, it can be minimized and turned into an art that will help to make trades successful. As there is no escaping, it is better for the investors to accept and properly lose the capital. The people may be getting confused how losing can be proper as it is the decrease of the capital that is unexpected. This article will explain this concept and you will understand how to accept the risks and make your career a success.

    A big loss can end the career
    When the novice is opening an account, the brokers suggest starting with a small amount. The brokers are the managers of the balance and also have own interest when people make the profit. It seems confusing to encourage people to invest small but there is also a hidden truth. The novice always starts by losing the capital. Imagine if a person has deposited $1000 and lost half in the first month. It will not make a good impression and many people may not want to invest in the future. This will hurt the broker’s business. If the deposit was only $10, the small amount could have been covered by depositing the fund. When a small amount of money is deposited, the losses will always be small but with a big investment, it can surpass the capacity of mostUK traders. To prevent big misfortune, start by investing with a small amount.

    Always remember the money management policy to save your investment. Take help with the risks to reward ratio to determine the right reward size at the expense of the investment. A big loss is what it takes to throw an investor out of the industry. Try to trade smartly and properly manage the losses. Do not get excited if the volatility is against you. Try to understand the situation and take decisions properly.

    Embracing managed loss
    “The more you will trade the better you will understand the market” is not completely right. You need to know the basics of CFD trading profession and learn the use of advanced online trading platform Saxo Trader Go. Instead of thinking about big profit factors, start learning the basics. According to recent statistics, more than 90% of the retail traders are losing money. Even the experienced traders are facing consecutive losing trades. But due to their strong money management skills, they are able to make a consistent profit in the retail trading industry. Embracing the losing orders at the initial stage will be very difficult at the initial stage but once you understand the recovery factors of this business, you can easily change your financial conditions. Focus on the basic rules of money management to protect your trading capital in the long run.

    Every successful career starts with losing capital
    There is no person who has not lost the trades. In every month, there is a good amount of losses but do not worry as the successful trades will cover for the lost fund. When planning the strategy, focus on saving the money than losing. Even if the trend does not go as you have expected, the amount gone will be fewer. A wrong trade can take away all the profit that was made with the good trades.

    The lower the losses, the higher the profits
    It is the simple calculation that many people fail to understand. Trade to lower the number of failures and it will increase the profits. The beginners worry about making profits and the professionals about losing money. This yields two different results on the trades.

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