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Keys to successful online marketing

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    The key is in providing content that your visitors want in a way they want to consume it. What they want can usually be determined by posting a few articles about different topics and seeing which are most popular. You should have analytics set up so you can monitor the responses.

    The format could be written, whiteboard, video, slides and could be short / long / serious / funny etc. We are finding that short videos & whiteboards work well at the moment and people are moving away from long form written content.

    Educational content tends to be a big winner, learn how to do xyz, so in your case you may want to help people to design some sort of nice thing in their home. Silly example, if you were a handyman, you could publish articles about how to design nice banisters for your stairs. Take them through a video series on that and all the while tell them they you can come over and build it for them once they have finished designing it.

    Another most important point is to capture their email addresses, so every time you post new content, you can email your previous visitors and tell them theres something new to take a look at.

    If you need a web site that can handle the linking to social media, blog publishing and capturing of email addresses, we can build it for you. email paulb@enablecode.vn for details

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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