HBF Activate: Hackathon Recap

HBF Activate: Hackathon Recap
The HBF Hackathon event was held on the weekend of August 27-28th. Sam Mead facilitated the event, and recaps on his experience of the event. It might be a big statement, but this could have been the best Hackathon I have ever been involved with! That’s out of more hackathons than I can count on both hands, and from the various perspectives of a participant, a mentor, an organiser and a facilitator. It was very well organised, the catering was delicious, and the mentors managed to strike a fine balance between being helpful enough without interfering too much. A perfect
//Startup News http://www.startupnews.com.au/2016/09/09/hbf-activate-hackathon-recap/

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